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Hearthfire Self Storage is actively growing through the acquisition of high-quality, existing self-storage facilities in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Mid-West sections of the United States. 

Owners consider selling to Hearthfire Self Storage due to our experience. This has allowed us to reinvent the self storage investment industry by combining the best business practices with the most streamlined and automated systems available on the market. 

We leverage cutting-edge technologies and the highest level of service to bring the best possible experience for owners and tenants alike. We Think Forward to Deliver Today!

The Hearthfire Vision

As self storage has proven resilient through major economic shifts and continues to consolidate at a rapid pace, our vision is to capitalize on this trend and become a top 50 owner-operator in two years. 

We will achieve this by implementing our proven progressive investment model to construct a portfolio of value-add properties that will be rolled up into a premier brand of institutional-grade assets that utilize a cutting-edge tech stack and the top services in the industry.   

We have assembled a team of industry experts across self-storage operations, revenue management, marketing, and technology to deliver an unparalleled customer experience and the highest potential returns for investors. 

We believe this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to capitalize on a market shift that is prime for our business model.

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Other Acquisition Considerations

Syndication is a Great Way to Enter the Self Storage Market

Syndication is an effective way for investors to pool their financial and intellectual resources to invest in properties and projects much bigger than they could afford or manage on their own. Projects are funded by investors by allocating a percentage ownership based on capital contributed. 

Properties are acquired when fully funded, and also using leveraged financing when required. Owners receive quarterly distributions based on net income and a preferred return. Hold periods are 5-7 years, where investors also share in the equity appreciation through a capital event like refinance or other disposition of the property. 

Our commitment to promoting the best investment vehicle out there is anchored on our reputation of providing a comprehensive system and platform to make self storage investing as simple and accessible as possible for everyone.

Note: There are exceptions, such as markets where significant growth is anticipated due to the movement of large employers to an area.

  • Minimum of $50,000 annually household income in the surrounding areas
  • Properties with high occupancy at 93% or greater with approved expansions.
  • SF Per Capita must be at or below 10 SF (Square foot per capita shows the gross square feet of storage per person within a given area, usually 3 miles for self-storage. It is calculated by taking the total gross square footage for all the facilities in that area and dividing by the total population.)
  • Rates may have been stagnant for a period of time, despite high occupancies.
  • Properties that are lacking in website presence, SEO, mobile website optimization, online rental programs, property automation, call centers and a marketing presence.

Why Invest in Self Storage?

The road to success

  • Ownership Consolidation
  • Cap Rate Compression
  • Independent Operators Cashing Out
  • REITs & Other Large Private Buyers
  • Rapid Adaptability
  • Consumer Behavior
  • High Rental Rates
  • All-Time High Utilization

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